How to Clear boot screen just after start.....

Take it easy…Newbie here.

In opensuse11.
Booting to server console.
How can you clear the boot screen just before you get the prompt.

ie after you start the server I need a clean screen with no previous services messages…??

Some older PCs can be problematic. With moderate to newer PCs, you can actually customize your boot screens in many different ways. Take a look at our openSUSE wiki on this: Custom splash screen - openSUSE

Thanks for the reply, however,
I don’t need to change the splash…

I need a clean black screen just after all the boot messages with just the opensuse branding and the logon prompt.

Just like centos,ubuntu etc.

There is more on that page than just the splash. < sigh > please look at the KDM section.

“Just like centos,ubuntu etc.” means nothing to me. I don’t use those distributions. Maybe it means something to someone else, and maybe they can help you.

Your login screen is likely a KDM. Hence the URL I gave you does IMHO have what you need. Let me be more specific:
Custom splash screen - openSUSE - KDM section

You can also go into yast and change your KDM to something else (possibly XDM, … my memory is bad on this, and I am not at an openSUSE pc to check).

If you are using KDE the options are found at → KDE Control Centre → System Administration → Login Manager

  • oldcpu,

I think he wants the Opensuse logo to disappear immediately upon boot to see messages. Like when you hit ESC right after grub unloads. I remember it is a boot option, but cannot find it.


I just booted Ubuntu – It stops at a bronze screen with two things on it: The Ubuntu brand and a small panel labelled “Username”. I think it’s that. I think Zorrander wants to customise so that happens for a login screen.

@Zorrander – what say you?

Thank guys i’ll try and explain…

I have built a server with just text options very basic server no kde,gnome etc. Boots to run level 3.
Console only.

Suse displays all the services that have been started and gives a login prompt without clearing the screen first, its this clearing of the screen I need to do. I don’t need to customise the splash or the open suse prompt.

I’ve gathered that the init process copies the file /etc/issue when finished I need to clear the screen just before this.

In /etc/inittab you will find this line:

1:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty --noclear tty1

Remove the --noclear. Notice that the other VTs clear the screen when asking for a login.


Seems so easy and clear…

Thanks ken_yap

great info. thanx.