How to clean removed versions of distributions from


I’ve recently been working on packaging open-pdf-presenter on as much distributions as the buildservice allowed (started from obs-generator, which added a bunch by default).
After warming up again to packaging (which I haven’t done in quite a while), I discovered that some distro versions I was targetting were just too old and didn’t have the required dependencies, so I removed them (all the while I had publishing disabled).

But if I go to
Index of /repositories/home:/knuckles:/opp
I still have the empty repos from all the things I removed: Fedora_14, KDE_Distro_Factory_openSUSE_11.3, KDE_Unstable_SC_openSUSE_11.3, KDE_Unstable_SC_openSUSE_Factory, SLE_11, etc.

Is there a way to clean these repositories (which I’ve already removed from the project) from
I tried wipebinaries but it wasn’t enough…

Thanks a lot!