How to clean .obscpio and .obsinfo so it can be submit to factory?

So I have been trying to get a font package to factory for a while now.

I stuck with how do I “clean” the package. Currently, I am using _service file with obs_scm.

Factory want me to remove .obsinfo, but .obsinfo is generated from _service, so what do I have to change in the _service?

Factory only allow mode=“disabled”,mode=“localonly”, and mode=“buildtime”

But if I change the default mode to the above, the .obscpio will disappear and failed.


I think I solved it.

I check out the package with

osc co home:andythe_great cadsondemak-fonts

then change the _service file mode to localonly

then build the package with

osc service localrun

osc build

then generate tar.xz with

ocs service runall

then upload the tar.xz and change all the mode in _service file to disabled.

Sounds about right, I also use the change file options (saves typing on next build), but it does need <package>.obsinfo file present…

I would suggest sending you package to a development project first, once accepted the forward to factory.

I modified a couple to obs_scm;