How to chose icon for the launcher

Hi everybody,

I’m a new OpenSUSE, I’ve already used ubuntu last time, and I want to open my mind, so I’ve trying to install OpenSUSE, it’s really nice :wink:

Now I want to add an application to quicklaunch on taskbar such as a .sh or .jar file, however I haven’t known how to set the icon for this launcher. I could do this in ubuntu by right click on launcher and set properties

Please help me soon

Thank a lot

Hi ndkhoiits!

Welcome to openSUSE :slight_smile:

Assuming you’re running KDE, I’d right click on the ‘Kickoff application launcher’ (lower left of screen by default) & select ‘application launcher settings’.

Once in the ‘Application launcher settings’ screen, left click on the geeko icon & from there browse/select the kickoff icon you wish.

I found quite a few kickoff icons in KDE-Look in


Hope it all made good sense :wink:

Hi you

Thank for your help.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t found the ‘geeko icon’ on the screen as you said, although I right clicked to select Quicklaunch setting on the context menu.

I’m using openSUSE 11.4.

I’ve tried this distribution for 1 day, and I personality feel that it’s not really stable, at least comparing to Ubuntu 10.10. Anyway, I’ll try to master on it :slight_smile:

Sorry, I don’t know how to attach an image to this thread. I want to attach screenshot for detail my case

I think ashley means this, once you’re in the Application launcher settings screen, click options on the left, you’ll see the icon your menu is currently using, click on the icon and you get a box that allows you to choose from other icons, but I don’t think that’s what you’re trying to do, it sounds to me like you’re trying to add a shortcut to something like a script you’ve made yourself or something you’ve installed to the panel

If that’s the case, first right-click on the kickoff menu button, click Edit Applications to launch the menu editor

Create your shortcut in menu editor, save your changes

Once you’ve done that if you browse to your newly created shortcut on the menu you can right-click on it and select Add to Panel

There’s also a QuickLaunch widget if you go into Panel Options that you can add, if I remember rightly you can add shortcuts to anything you like on the QuickLaunch widget

Thank Ecky, I think that I had a mistake, because I only dragged and dropped the application to quick launch widget, I do it same as Ubuntu, unfortunately, there isn’t ubuntu :D. It’s really like windows more than Ubuntu. Firstly, I must add application to menu, then add them to task bar

Thank again