how to check in terminal wheter a process is running?

how to check in terminal wheter a process is running

-eg a process of coping files

btw: perhaps we can see how many percent of the copy is done yet.

ps -important: the process of copiying the files was executed not (!!) in terminal but in the dolping
(the gui-tool of opensuse- linux)

guess that this does not make any difference - we can see the copying too - in terminal !?
can we!?

love to hear from you

Your question is far away from subject line which is misleading. To check whether process is running you use ps or kill. But you are asking how to check what process is doing, not whether it is running.

Yup; GUI applications often have a status bar or other progress bar of
some sort indicating what they are doing. If not, perhaps log file.
Worst case you could us something like ‘lsof’ or ‘strace’ to watch a
process to see what it is doing with the system, but really that’s a bit
painful. If you’re in KDE a copy operation should have a status bar or
notifications in the notification application.

Good luck.