How to change the background of FileManager

dear friends:
Could you please tell me how to change the background of File Manager, for example, using some pictures or some beautiful pattern as the background. white color is so boring.

there are a number of file managers available for linux.
Exactly which one are you talking about?

Sorry for that.
I am using Dolphin File Manager.

AFAIK you can’t. Not in KDE, not in GNOME.

the colour background of KDE applications can be changed globally from

system settings > application appearance > colours

Keep in mind that this will change the background colour of more than just dolphin.

thank you very much for your help. It works for Dolphin File Manager , but not works for super user mode Dolphin Manger

In a term window,

   **kdesu systemsettings**

This will affect all windows running as root, as mentioned above.

I run this and change the default background for user=root to a bright pink, to remind myself I am ROOT.
I found dark red made some apps hard to read.
Pick a color that works for you.