How to Change Sytem Tray Icon Size KDE?


How would I go about changing a programs sys tray icon under Plasma?

You may need to ‘Unlock Widgets’ first, but then it is possible to adjust by clicking on the task bar to get panel settings. If the height is changed, the icons in the system tray will scale accordingly.

Only to a certain maximum size though.

That maximum size is configurable, but you need to edit the config file directly.
See also:
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I have never been able to get anything related or meaningfull to my search by using the forum search field, always wind up resorting to DuckDuckGo using “opensuse forum” and the subject I am seeking in order to find the answers. lol!

I think icon is auto sizing as expected but rather needs to be swapped out for a custom icon. This is theme dependent? Not sure individual icons can be edited? Will Google my query & poke around /usr/share.

Sorry, but the title of this thread is “How to Change Sytem Tray Icon Size KDE?”… :
(Not “How to replace an application’s system tray icon with a different one”)

This is theme dependent?

The system tray icons are located in /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/themename/icons/. (can be overridden per user via ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/themename/icons/)

Basically there’s one svgz file per application, but I cannot give you more details as I never played with this.

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