How to change options for suspend/resume

Hi, I’ve just installed Opensuse 11. The suspend works fine but it wont resume! I managed to find some info re. the same.

When I type that command as root it works perfect.
s2ram -f -p -m

All I want to know is how to set that as default when I press the standby button. fn+f2 - suspends to disk by default, I want to change it to s2ram -f -p -m

No clue how to go about it. Any help appreciated.
Many thanks

Create a file named config in /etc/pm/config.d/ and add the line S2RAM_OPTS="-f -p -m"

More info can be found here : Pm-utils - openSUSE & for the full story start here: Pm-utils - openSUSE

Good luck,

Hey, it works like magic!

Thanks a million.

Yer welcome :wink: