how to change opensuse text view to minimal or kde desktop view ?

how to change opensuse text view to minimal x window or kde desktop view ?

i installed opensuse in text mode but now i want install **Minimal x window **or **Kde desktop **or **Gnu desktop **because i want use graphical base

i am using this command in text mode

**sudo zypper in -t pattern kde4 **

next i choose first section about **Minimal x window **installation

and next this command installed more than 1000 package

but now i cannot see **Minimal x window **

i want use graphical base like Kde or **Minimal x window **

what can i do /?

notice : i dont have access to internet

Set the default boot target to “graphical” or “runlevel5”, either in YaST->System->Services Manager, or with “systemctl set-default”.
If you have all necessary packages installed, your system should boot to a graphical session then.

Or just run “init 5” or “systemctl isolate” in text mode to immediately switch to graphics mode.

big thank you for your replay;)
here whitch service should be active /?

xdm, but this should be enabled by default anyway.

I was talking about the default boot target though:
Set this to either “runlevel5” or “graphical”.

thank you so much MR wolf
now i create that
every thing is ready
be good …