How to change login picture in GNOME (opensuse 11.1)?


As the title says, I’m not able to find how to change my login picture at GDM. In ubuntu its easy- System>Preferences>AboutMe menu has it all.
But opensuse is always confusing.
How can I change my login photo?

Many thanks in advance.:wink:

I’m not a Gnome user but how it works is the login screen calls an image called .face from your home directory for your login picture.

So just put an image which you want to be your login picture in your home directory and rename it as “.face” without quotes. Thats it.

In 11.0 there was an application called “Login Photo” in the System section of the application list.

I can’t find this in 11.1.

Thanks, guys!

Just a comment:
I don’t know why these opensuse guys always have to customize things so much. Open-suse, though has many unique features, is one of the most unpredictable distros. I always get some unusual problem with it. I think the opensuse devs should try to put as much effort into making there software stable as they put into customizing it.:wink: