how to change konqueror behavior

I’m using Konqueror under kde3.5.9. it is a very nice and powerful tool. I just wonder if there is a way that I can change its behavior a little bit and let it follow my habits under M$ windows, ie. 1-click is “select” and double-clicks are “open/run” the file.
After all, I have use M$-windows for many years.I feel a little bit weird by Konqueror’s default - mouse on a file is “select” and 1-click is “open/run”.
I have searched around but can not find where to change this. Thanks.

with konqueror open go upto settings and then configure konqueror and have a looksy might find all kinds of settings in there

I went through all items in Konqueror config, none can do the adjustment for me :’(

In KDE Control Panel,go to Peripherals-Mouse and you can change it on the general tab.

I hope this last post will also convey the message that the single/double click is not jut Konqueror’e feature but a feature of KDE.

BTW you have to loose a lot of old habits and change a lot of ideas about OS concepts when you convert from M$ windows. Better try to give your finger some rest and convert to single click also lol!

Thanks for the comments, my finger really needs a rest but it double-clicks on an icon automatically without my control lol!