How to Change KDE4 to Genome?

I want to know how to change from KDE4 to Genome through terminal? I shall be thankful.

Curious, why do you want to do this from a terminal? Have you lost the X GUI environment? It would be much easier doing this from within KDE.

First question is: do you have GNOME installed?

If not you need to install GNOME packages first. From a terminal you can do this by using yast ncurses (terminal version) or zypper.

Using yast (recommended):

su - (switches to root)
yast sw_single
(note it’s not yast2 but plain yast for the terminal version).

In yast select you want to see patterns and select the GNOME Desktop environment and install it.

Or use zypper / If you are using openSUSE 11.0 the command for zypper will probably be:
zypper install -t pattern gnome

  • edit : I’m second-guessing if the pattern name is gnome, gnome-desktop or other. Yast is maybe a better bet here :slight_smile:

Have the install media handy because you will be asked for it!

Once the packages are installed you can chose to login to the GNOME desktop by selecting GNOME in the ‘sessions’ bit at the login screen.

Hope that helps,

Thanks Magic for ur support.
I am in the process of downloading Gnome through Yast.I suffered a lot by installing several distos. Now I am experimenting openSUSE. I will see how it works. I didn’t like KDE environment. So I want to go to Genome.