How to change KDE wallpaper?

I have been using 10.2 for the longest time. Just did fresh install of 11.3. I can’t figure out how to change just the wallpaper. I found out how to change themes, but not just the wallpaper. Can somebody point me in the right direction?

Right click the Desktop>Configure

There are several Desktop Activity options now and which you use will depend if what I write here makes much sense…

I was using the ‘Configure Desktop’ tab from the Application Launcher. Saw everything there to change themes, style, etc. but no wallpaper. Never would have thought to ‘right click’ on desktop… I guess I wasn’t in the ‘Windows’ mindset…

Still getting used to the new upgrade…

There are still one or two confusing aspects to it. If you use ‘Search and Launch’ desktop activity, by default the right click is gone, you have to add it back, but doing that is complicated. You have to auto hide the panel to enable you to see a configure widget in the lower left corner, from there you can configure right click. Then set the panel back to normal.

I think you have misunderstood caf4926; right click and select Desktop Activity Settings and you will see options to download new wallpapers - which does not change the wallpaper - and to select a new wallpaper from those you have downloaded.

Is this aimed at me?
Because I understand the situation perfectly.
And I think the OP is OK with it now.

No but reading through the previous posts, he didn’t seem to have understood your earlier post.

i cant right click on my desktop after i change activity to newspaper mode i think !!! what should i do now ??? :frowning:

Do you have a cashew in any of the corners of the desktop
You might have to auto hide the bottom panel to check the lower left

tnQ u its solved :wink:

OK No problem