How to change gnome login screen in OpenSuSE 11.2?

Hi got a problem, I’ve been searching in google and in this forum on how to change the default gnome login screen in OpenSuSE 11.2?
Have read harindaka’s thread (How to Downgrade GDM in openSuse 11.2 to one used in 11.1 - openSUSE Forums) but it seems there’s no guide for changing the login screen.

Does anyone here have done it? Please share…

anyone from the experts who could point me on the right direction?


have a look at this :
change login screen ?? 11.2 Gnome - openSUSE Forums


Thanks @lenwolf for the link, have read that thread already, but the solution was only for KDE (correct me if i’m wrong), I was looking for the GDM (gnome)

Have a look here;

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Well, not the first two screens, at least, they are indenepndnt of either Gnome or KDE. For the third (the login screen) I’m not sure whether this is handled differently if you haven’t installed KDE at all. The fourth screen probably is different for Gnome.