How to change Ghome Terminal default size and position

Hello, I’d like to make Gnome Terminal always start using this command line:

gnome-terminal --geometry=92x49+0+0

However, when I right-click the icon either in Start Menu Favorites or in Application Browser, there is no ‘Properties’ option where I can configure this. Nor does there appear to be any option in Gnome Terminal Profile Preferences (other than to run something other than the shell when starting Terminal).

Anyone know how make this modification so Gnome Terminal will always start in the same size and position? Thanks!

You can create a desktop launcher, or from the Main Menu settings in the Control Center, look for System->Terminal->Gnome Terminal, and edit the properties there.

You can change the default size (number of lines and colums) at a lower level, so that when you type “gnome-terminal” or start any terminal application (= application which run in the default terminal) from the menu, it will have the desired size. As root or sudo :

cd /usr/share/vte/termcap
cp xterm xterm.orig
sed 's|co#80:it#8:li#24|co#92:it#8:li#49|' xterm.orig > xterm