How to change email settings

Deano, no need to check. Yes, I also noticed it, but Virgin’s instructions were clear to anyone who bothered to follow up the help links given in their notification emails. They are usually reliable, in my experience.

Actually, I made a typing error in my previous post you referred to :shame:. Virgin’s NTL-based POP3 server is named (not, and ken_yap rightly found no domain there). My updates are all working. :slight_smile:

Virgin’s old NTL-based POP3 server used, whereas now it definitely is, so they may have needed to differentiate the old from the new. Also, they changed the POP3 names from “mail” to “pop”. However in both cases IIRC, they haven’t changed the outgoing “smtp” names. Don’t know the reasons. :\

No wonder the original help for blueyonder was so confused with all those changes going on; even the helpdesk was confused!