how to change dsktop icon for a .sh

I have open suse 12.1 64 bit

I have 2 on my desktop and I would like to give these unique icons.
under 11.1 this was as simple as : properties and click on the ‘sq’ that showd the icon and browse to a diff icon and – there you have it.
Now I cannot click on the ‘sq’ that shows the icon … if i click on the wrench and change it there… i seem to change ALL *.sh.
poinyting to my exact /pat/ does not solve.

Mq q is – is it possible to have a diff icon ( a file.png , file.svg etc ) as icon for a given and another for


everything i try —“does them all”.


two things:

  1. what is your desktop environment, and

  2. this forums has many non-english native speakers/writers/readers and
    thing like these can be very confusing:
    “I have 2”
    “click on the ‘sq’”
    “a diff icon”
    “Mq q is”

so, please use full words…this place is neither a cell/mobile phone
nor a twitter feed…thanks


my environment
OS: Linux 3.1.10-1.9-desktop x86_64
Current user: ingex@gibson
System: openSUSE 12.1 (x86_64)
KDE: 4.7.2 (4.7.2) “release 5”
Display Info
Vendor: nVidia Corporation
Model: G98 [Quadro NVS 450]
2D driver: nvidia
3D driver: NVIDIA 295.59

adjustments of previous language use
I have 2 == I have 2 shell scripts . these are files that start with #!/bin/sh and are executable
click on the sq == on opensuse 11.1 I could change the icon for a shell desktop icon by clicking on it selecting properties and up would pop a dialouge that showed the current icon in a square in the upper left of that window .
No under 12.1 it seems i cannot click in that square and when i attempt something simular by clicking on the wrench – i seem to make a global change that picks the icon for every on the machine.
it seems no matter what i do i make a global change.
changing *.sh to the exact path/ is still a global change
a diff icon == a diffrent icon
Mq q is == My question is

again , i merely wish to give a unique icon to a and a diffrent unique icon to

On 07/17/2012 10:56 PM, zimbot wrote:
> KDE: 4.7.2 (4.7.2)

and, when you did this click on shell script in 11.1 was that a script
lying in the desktop folder, or was in Dolphin, or Konqueror…

and, where is it now? because if i open Dolphin, and navigate to my bin
at /home/[me]/bin and click on that directory, it opens up and i see
lots of shell scripts [by the way, why do you add the .sh extension, it
is totally unnecessary]

anyway, i right click on any script file and pick “Properties” AH! i see…

here is what you want to do, i think…make a launcher:

wherever you want it to be (like in the desktop folder, or in your bin)
right click and pick Create New > Link to Application

you will see a block with “Link to Application” change it to (for
example) myScript2

click on the Application tab, fill in the blanks (name desctiption
comments etc) in the command block type /[full path]

click ok and suddenly there will be a new object named, right click it and see the icon block on the
General tab, left click that, pick an icon, then ok…

now you have an application launcher you can lay on your desktop, or . . .

before you were trying to turn a file into a launcher…


hello - thanks

yes on 11.1 it was Konqueror. not Dolphin
and as for why have a ‘.sh’ . well, because …that is how i have always done it…
( maybe not the best of reasons )
I also do not keep my scripts in usr/bin … i have always made a “~/00_scripts” dir
then edit .bashrc so that i have an alias — but if i kept them in usr/bin I could accomplish the same thing in …less steps.
( one of the downsides of being self taught is the risk of having a ‘bad’ teacher :wink:

I will try to do this ‘Launcher’ — thank you for your kind wisdom.
This launcher – seems to be an answer to something else I was struggling with – I wanted to make a ‘link’ to my scripts.
I could not find a gui-way … I now think that this making of a launcher is the way to go.
i am optimistic that - now armed with your kind advice - my understanding has increased.
I am anxious to try it. – It makes sense
have a great day

> I am anxious to try it.

hope it works ok for you…if not shout out…


On 2012-07-19 17:06, zimbot wrote:
> hello - thanks
> yes on 11.1 it was Konqueror. not Dolphin
> and as for why have a ‘.sh’ . well, because …that is how i have
> always done it…
> ( maybe not the best of reasons )

Extensions are ignored in Linux, but it is a good method to visually differentiate files.

> I also do not keep my scripts in usr/bin … i have always made a
> “~/00_scripts” dir

The proper place (system wide) would be ‘/usr/local’, which if you create as a separate
partition you can keep safe from system upgrades deleting it.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.4 x86_64 “Celadon” at Telcontar)