How to change desktop theme in kde

I’ve installed the theme via add on installer. But when I checked on configure desktop->workspace appearance ->desktop theme, it didn’t appear! Any idea how to change the theme? I’m using opensuse 13.2

Sometimes the installer doesn’t work.
When I have this problem I do this, I 1st go here:

Find a theme( let’s say Velours) & download (it’ll be a tarball) then
1.Place it in a folder I made called kdedesktops in my home folder
2.Move velours from Downloads to the aforementioned folder
3.Rclick & select extract here you’ll see a velours folder when its done
4.Click View in the menubar check View Hidden files for your Home folder
5.Find .kde4 then open it, go to apps>share>desktopthemes
6.C & P the velours folder there close Dolphin

Now go check out Configure settings> Workspace Appearence & see if it’s there
if all has gone well it is.

Thanks mate. I’ll try it later :slight_smile:

If you install: kdeartwork4-desktopthemes

It will give you some more default choices too