How to change default media player

how do change the default media player? I would like to use VLC as my default.

running opensuse 11.3 KDE 4.4 64bit

Right click a media type you wish to play with VLC > Properties >Configure (spanner icon) >
You should see a list of media players- bring VLC to the top of the list (If VLC is not in the list you can add)

One more tip:
Right click on the media, select **open with **-> other. Type vlc in the textbox above and tick the checkbox down which says remember this for this media (some thing like that). Click ok and done.

What do you mean by right click on the media? right clicking on VLC once its open? I thought there was a place in configure desktop to do this. When I put in a DVD to play I’ll get a list of options,and none that I would use. I just want it to have an option to open VLC.