How to change default font for Persian language

The default font for Persian language it’s ugly as hell in every Linux distro & there is no easy way to change the font just for Persian language & if you change the default system font now English font becomes ugly too…!
What is the solution?
PS: there is a beautiful free Persian font like “Vazir”]( why Linux distros don’t use it?

Thank you

I think I could give more detail
1: showing with default system font
Click to show image
2: with a browser extension named FontARA showing the webpage with Vazir font
Click to show image
You could see the difference
but because it’s not a system font all-around a the OS looking bad & hard for reading for Persian speaking people
PS: I don’t know the “Vasir” font you talked about its the same as “Vazir” font that I mentioned
PS2: Just because your not familiar with the Persian language it’s not Arabic Language even alphabet it’s different.

Thank You

You do not say which desktop you are using. If it is KDE, you can install new fonts via System settings>Fonts>Font Management. You can then change the desktop fonts in System settings>Fonts>Fonts. If you install them as personal fonts or do an online upgrade to the next version if you have installed them as system fonts, you do not have to reinstall them. If you have installed them as system fonts and you do a reinstall, it only takes a few minutes to install them again if you are using KDE.

I haven’t use Plasma but with gnome tweak tool you can change font too but not for a specific language, you should change for all language system but when you do that the English will be messed up
It’s there a difference in Plasma?


You aren’t being specific about your perception of “ugly” …

  • Please be aware that, most GUI Desktops should offer a means to setup the Font Aliasing and, the way in which the detail of any given Font’s appearance is dealt with.
  • Please also be aware that, if the Display you’re using isn’t particularly wonderful then, no amount of tuning the Font Aliasing will make the appearance more acceptable – meaning the optical quality of the displayed characters …

You may have pleasure perusing this URL list related to Persian Fonts:

  1. With a little bit of loving care and attention, everything can be made beautiful for the eye of the beholder …
  2. Fonts are miniature works of art … «Which is why, I pay a great deal of attention to the Fonts I use.»

You can set a user language in Plasma but changing the fonts won’t change the user language. I was assuming you wanted a better font for the user language.


I forgot to mention two more methods to correct the display of characters on a user’s screen: “Sub-pixel rendering” and “Font hinting”.

  • These methods allow one to:

increase the apparent DPI of the Display – and therefore improve the “beauty” of the displayed character and,
by mathematical means, align the display of outline font characters to the display’s pixel raster.