How to change default desktop?

I just installed Suse 11.0 with both gnome and kde 3.x, because streamed sound was not working with gnome in a previous installation. Now streamed sound is (weakly) working with both, and I would prefer to stick with gnome. Is there a way to change the default desktop to gnome? Thanks.

Not quite sure what you mean by default desktop, but if you’re looking to always log in to gnome each time you boot up, opensuse will log on to the desktop environment you were last logged in to.

Log out, down in the left context menu, select Gnome, Log in:)

It will remember the last setting.

How do you change the default desktop for any users on the system. So they do not have to choose it at login.

It should save, the display manager should save each change you make, so if user 1 uses gnome once they log out they will be using gnome again with next login.
Now for user 2 they only have to switch the session once as that sort of thing is determined by that users settings, but once you log in with gnome you will keep using gnome until you decide to switch again.