How to cause dependency problem?

OpenSUSE have Yast2 and zypper. As far as I remember, Yast2 allows for user intervention. PackageKit have had problems with it. To solve it, I started DaemonUI. DaemonUI uses Bonsole. Bonsole sources are on . Read this topic: . Question is: how to do/cause dependency problem?

Create an RPM that asks for a dependant package that does not exist?

Sorry, but I may have completley misunderstood what you want.

Ok. That’s what I want. Can you provide some stub?

Sorry, but I understood your solution doesn’t solve my problem. I need a dependency problem for which zypper could suggest at least two solutions.

I never did this. But I would start with general information about RPM packages and maybe

man rpmbuild

But this are my very basic “first things that pop-up in my brain”. So basic that I can not imagine you didn’t the same. That is the reason for my “I may have completley misunderstood what you want”.

And does not YaST on a missing dependency give you at least two options? Something like:

  1. install and break the product;
  2. do not install.

Yast gives an options, but I need an solution integrated with PackageKit. Benefits are:

  1. It’s cross distro
  2. Many software centers could use this

I do not knopw much of PackageKit. It is not installed here.

One of the main reasons for me using openSUSE is YaST. Includsing it’s Software Management.

BTW if everything would be “cross distro” why then have different distros?

That’s (cross-distro) not problem for difference. System could be similar, but DE and Applications could provide differences. Plasma5 and GNOME could provide different system settings and different way to use system.

Recommend outlining your problem and then your possible solution.
Any solution will have to include the backend means to solve the problem, not simply the User interface.

When you mention DaemonUI and Bonsole, both of those are simply UI tools that might enable a User to use a web browser to display a remote console… It is not related in any way to the real work that might need to work to be your solution.

In other words… frontends (often the UI) is only the means to make something easy to visualize and perhaps to access something, but the frontend must connect to a backend where the real work happens.

And BTW – I haven’t looked at any web browser console implementations recently but in general most have been blacklisted by web engines because a remote console and in particular one capable of root access is considered too risky and dangerous to expose in a web browser today.


Bonsole is running as normal user and it’s not remote. I known, that adding interfaces to daemon makes it less secure, but bonsole support only custom protocol, which could be used to create a link (for example). When user click a link, string from this link is send to connected application. I known that parsing string is hard, but currently there’s no better solution. It’s simple and don’t require changes (for example) dbus interface - backend will generate UI and could provide UI for any problem.

Please, close this thread.

Solution is to add Conflict: meta to your’s package. I add Conflict: Bash and it worked.