How to "burn" IMG-file to USB-flashmemory?

Yes i know this is like swearing in the church, but i have downloaded Ubuntu 9.04 Remix on an OpenSUSE11.1

I want to “burn” this on an USB Flashdisk so i can install it on a Acer One Netbook.

Is there a tool for OpenSUSE so i can “burn” ISO/IMG to USB-Flashdisk? Ubuntu have “Image Writer”.

Why do people never search? Especially when they know that if another distro has such a tool, there’s high probability SUSE will also have it

Search for ‘imagewriter’ in there and you’ll find it [kiwi-tools-imagewriter]


You can also use Unetbootin to accomplish this. You’ll have to search for it as microchip pointed out on that page. syslinux and p7zip are dependencies so install those first from Yast.

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