How to boot through Grub Legacy?

Hey I’m fairly new to Linux and I decided to start on Arch,
realized I should start somewhere more beginner friendly and moved to Opensuse.

I have successfully dual booted Opensuse and Windows7 successfully, but I have to load it from the CD choosing the boot from hard drive option.

If I do not have the Opensuse CD inserted it goes to Grub Legacy and gives me the option to boot from Arch Linux, or Windows. There is no option for Opensuse and when i hit the Archl Linux option I get errors and it brings me to the /rmfa (I think) command line. Selecting Windows lets me boot to into Windows successfully.

I checked the /boot/grub/menu.list in Opensuse and everything seems to be fine, but these options do not appear on my boot loader.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You could try this
Boot to suse and install this and run the updategrub

updategrub for openSUSE Legacy Grub (not update-grub!)

or boot to Arch, this will let Arch boot suse
and add a entry in the menu there. If Arch uses legacy you want a config file entry like this:

###Don't change this comment - YaST2 identifier: Original name: 11.4###
title 11.4
root (hd0,6)
configfile /boot/grub/menu.lst

Just change the root (hd?,?) to fit your install

If Arch uses grub 2
boot to Arch and do

sudo update-grub

Hey thank you for the quick response!
I installed your following recommendation, but all it did was add more boot options from my CD
Not my hard drive, actually if i choose to option to boot from MBR in sda or sda, it would bring me back to Grub Legacy with my Arch and Windows option.
By the way I cannot boot into Arch since I overwrote it with Opensuse.
I’m assuming that after I did what you recommended I should’ve seen what I saw when I type in “grubmenu” from the terminal.
Please if you have anymore tips
I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Nevermind I have found the problem!
I went into my BIOS, and found two boot option, P4 and P0
I had to switch them around.
Not sure if that means I one MBR per hard drive…
Anyways if anyone knows how I can edit this to solved that would be great.
In the mean time I will look around

You used to have ArchLinux and Windows on separate hard disks and now you have openSUSE and Windows on separate disks? Is this the case here? You might have not reformated your ArchLinux /boot partition and left ArchLinux Grub bootlaoder in MBR if you see the old Arch Linux Legacy Grub boot menu when booting from this hard disk. If you have openSUSE on a separate disk, simply install Grub in its MBR and it will present you with openSUSE’s Legacy Grub menu - in which you might already have or have to add a Windows entry - provided the hard disk containing Linux is the first BIOS drive.