How to Boot DOS without DOS Boot Floppy (from Linux)

I created a “draft” HOW TO BOOT DOS WITHOUT A FLOPPY here:
Boot DOS without Floppy - openSUSE

The intent is to create a bootable DOS directory under Linux, without having to setup a separate boot partition. I believe one is limited to 1.44 MBytes in that mount < not sure .

This is primarily intended to help users who need to update their PC’s BIOS, which requires a boot floppy!

The intent is one would replace the FDOEM.144 boot image, with the hardware manufacturer’s boot floppy image.

I tested the boot on my openSUSE-11.0 PC, and it works fine. The zypper commands are only for openSUSE-10.3 and 11.0 so I noted the How-To was limited to those openSUSE versions, but in truth this applies to older openSUSE variants as well, if one uses a package manager with commands different from those specific zypper commands.

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