How to back up user data on Leap 15.4?

I have a laptop with Leap 15.4, KDE. I would like to regularly back up my user data onto an external harddrive. I want to do this so if something happens to my laptop I can reinstall OpenSUSE and put the user data back.

I have looked on the internet and I thought Deja Dup was the solution, however when I went to Yast software it is not showing up? So how do I do this? A GUI would be my first choice.

Thank you for your help in advance.

deja-dup (no blank in name!) is available in the official OSS repo for Leap 15.4

You can use unison, also

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@nappy5012 I use cronopete here with a usb connected nvme, backs up my data every 3 hours…

Have been using “backintime” available in main repo for 10 years or so. Backs up to external harddrive. The restore works well. Have used it many times.

That solved it no space needed, but a hyphen. I’ve found it. Thank you very much.