How to autostart a mono application on boot?

I have a mono application and this is how we start the thing:
$ mono program.exe

I would like the program.exe to run at boot up, how would I go and do this? FYI - The machine is set to auto logon.

Using OpenSUSE 11.1 - GNOME

Looking forward to your answers.


Do you mean to start at boot or at login. These are two different things, even if you use autologin.

When at boot it will most probably be run as root. This must be done, by either adding it to /etc/init.d/boot.local (which is executed ver early in the boot sequence, maybe to early for your application), or by providing a script based on /etc/init.d/sceleton.

When at login it will be run as the user that logs in. And it will be run again when that users logs in for a second time, etc. This must be done in a Gnome way, where I can not help you, but I have no doubt others can.

Thank you for your reply and explanation.
Yes, I would like this to autoload after the user Logs in, which is done automatically.

Look forward for others to reply.

Add it in Sessions in the Gnome Control Center.

Thank you chief_sealth, worked as promised.