how to automate the opening of a document?

I’d like my spreadsheet to open everyday at a specific time. So i created the following cron job:

54 12 * * 1-4 oocalc /home/SIVECO/fdt/Documents/support/incidents.xls

At the specified time, my spreadsheet does not appear. Other cron jobs run OK. Could it be that cron cannot run graphic programs?

Yes, your cron job doesn’t run in an X environment and doesn’t know if you in fact have an X server running at that time on that machine.

A thread dealing with similar issue here. Hope its relevant. :slight_smile:

Thank you all
yes, you are right, my cron job did not work because my job needs an X server.
And yes, your link to the other thread is relevant.

Here is the solution:

[FONT=“Fixedsys”]54 12 * * 1-4 export DISPLAY=:0 && oocalc /home/SIVECO/fdt/Documents/support/incidents.xls

The ‘export DISPLAY=:0 &&’ does the trick.[/FONT]