How to ATI Driver install at 11.2

iam trying to install the ATI Driver at 11.2.
After install an reboot 11.2 doesn`t start again,the screen goes black or commandlines shown.

My Graphigcard is ATI(Sapphire X1650 Series)512MB Cardspace AGP.

Who can help me with this problem.
Is 1 click install ok,try it and than problems.

Have a lot…

Have you had a look at this thread?
11.2 Fixes For Xpress 200 and other legacy Cards - openSUSE Forums

Good luck:)

thank you very much for fast answer.
I try it and if it failed i have to install suse again.


Here is also a guide with some practical “theory” on graphical drivers for openSUSE: openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users - openSUSE Forums