How to ask banshee to stop getting metadata?

Sorry for the lame question - I’m stuck with dial-up at home. Trying out OpenSUSE on a PC with no internet connection.

I’ve googled around, checked banshee FAQ, and searched the OpenSUSEforums, but not seeing any reference to what I’d think would be a simple task. How do I ask banshee to stop getting metadata? banshee worked fine on the disconnected PC, but the whole time it was playing music it was trying to get online.

My laptop is running Ubuntu. I’m on broadband right now, away from home. I asked Synaptic to install banshee. Under Edit>Preferences, the version of banshee (1.4.3) that installed to Ubuntu has a setting to disable features requiring Internet access. The version in SUSE 11.2 doesn’t, or at least I didn’t see it!

Odd thing is, even though I ticked the box in banshee 1.4.3, then restarted the application, it went online anyway and got all the metadata.

Maybe banshee just isn’t the best media player for an offline PC?