How to arrange position of icon on kicker?

I’m using 11.1 KDE4.1.3 x86-64,it seems that all icon added to kicker only sit on right side,is there a way to freely arrange them? :slight_smile:

In kde4 kicker is now “Panel”. Right click on the Panel and select “Add Widgets…”. Scroll down and and start adding “Spacers”. Once the spacers are on the Panel you can move them around and adjust your icons in between the spacers. If you end up with too many spaces you can remove them by right clicking on them to suit your taste.:slight_smile:

Thanks,but that 'Spacer’still appear on right side,and can’t move it,how?:\

Click on the plasma icon on the panel and you can move the icons


I’ve figured it out,thanks! :wink:

But how do you remove spacers? It looks like there are 3 spacers in the panel by default (at least it looks that way since you can move them around), but I can’t figure out how to delete them. The delete key doesn’t work, you can’t drag it off the panel, and right clicking on a spacer only gives you the option to delete the entire panel.

Nevermind. They weren’t spacers, but invalid applets that somehow got put in ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc. Methinks this is still a bit buggy, but it was easy enough to figure out. I just deleted the invalid entries and all is now well.