How to allow Remore Desktop Service in Firewall


I installed openSuse13.1 VM in a Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and assigned it a static IP.
I then downloaded and installed xrdp from

In every forum I came across, it says that I must allow “Remote Desktop Protocol” service in the Firewall.
But I do not see this option under Allowed Services -> Service to Allow dropdown.

Could someone please explain, how do I enable Remote Desktop Protocol on the firewall?
I need some assistance with remote desktop into this openSuse VM from my Windows 7 laptop.

Thanks in advance


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There used to be an entry for rdp in Yast → Firewall → Allowed services. But not any more. If you’re using rdesktop to be a client connecting to a remote Linux or Windows server, SuseFirewall2 will not block it. But if you’ve installed RDP as a server, it istens on port TCP 3389. You can allow that port in Yast Firewall → Allowed Services → Advanced button → then enter the number 3389 in the line labelled TCP Ports.

Also, remember to go into your router and direct the external client (port forward) to the IP address of the openSUSE server

I gave up on xrdp server in openSUSE some years ago. Now I use NoMachine to access my Linux computers, which works very well. But there are advances occasionally and maybe xrdp now works in openSUSE? Please tell us if RDP as a server gets up and running for you.

PS FYI & FWIW there’s some old stuff here: