how to allow all ports from a specific IP to pass through the firewall ?

Hi there !

I bought a new wireless MFP (HP MFP 135W) to use with my system (Tumbleweed).
I manage to install the printer part using YAST. Fine.
However, YAST Scanner setup (and the scanner app itself) only detects the networked scanner if the firewalld is disabled.
How to figure out what ports are necessary to be open, or at least, how to allow all ports from/to a specific IP to pass through the firewall by using YAST or CLI (firewall-cmd) ?

I appreciate any help,

RHEL has a good firewall-cmd cheat sheet.

firewall-cmd --zone=trusted --add-source= --permanent

I think it is not a big issue in a domestic environment to leave all ports open to/from a specific IP.
Anyway, if anyone could give some hints about how to figure out what are the specific ports the scanner uses, I appreciate.

See Opening ports in the new YaST2 Firewall

This HPLIP firewall guide may be of interest to you.