How to adjust screen position and size?

Hi everyone. I’ve just intalled suse 11.0 and would like to aligne the the screen. I can’t do it manually on the monitor, because I have another pc using the same monitor via switch and it works ok on the second pc. So I tried “xvidtune” command and have successfully adjusted the screen, but when I rebooted the pc it restored back the old settings :frowning: So my question is how can I make the settings that I select via xvidtune permanent? I tried to run it as root user, but it didn’t help. My nvidia drivers look installed ok, so that should not be the issue. Did anyone have similar problem. Thanks for your advice guys.

is it a new nvidia card?
If it is, it seems, that the drivers aren’t finished yet.
Maybe wait until Thursday, install openSuse 11.1 and maybe a better driver is in the new kernel

STS301 thanks, yes it is nvidia card and the drivers were installed automaticly along the suse 11.0 setup. Is there maybe any other way to adjust my screen? Should I install new driver maybe?

is it a new card?
i think the best way is to wait until Thursday or search in google about drivers

It is nvidia geforce 6100 nforce 430. I tried to install the latest driver for geforce cards from nvidia site and everything is ok now.

good, maybe it will work with 11.1 without an extra driver