How to add runtime dependencies to a package that requires

Let me tell you the issues which I am facing.

I want to create a debian package for python-pbr. When I try to build, it is showing “unersolvable” status with lots of dependencies missing like

nothing provides openstack-pkg-tools, nothing provides python-fixtures >= 0.3.14, nothing provides python-mock >= 1.0, nothing provides python-colorama needed by python-pip, nothing provides python-distlib needed by python-pip, nothing provides python-html5lib needed by python-pip, nothing provides python-requests needed by python-pip, nothing provides python-six needed by python-pip, nothing provides python-six >= 1.5.2, nothing provides python-subunit >= 0.0.18, nothing provides python-testrepository >= 0.0.18, nothing provides python-testresources >= 0.2.4, nothing provides python-testscenarios >= 0.4, nothing provides python-testtools >= 0.9.34, nothing provides python3-fixtures >= 0.3.14, nothing provides python3-mock >= 1.0, nothing provides python3-colorama needed by python3-pip, nothing provides python3-distlib needed by python3-pip, nothing provides python3-html5lib needed by python3-pip, nothing provides python3-requests needed by python3-pip, nothing provides python3-six needed by python3-pip, nothing provides python3-six >= 1.5.2, nothing provides python3-sphinx, nothing provides python3-subunit >= 0.0.18, nothing provides python3-testrepository >= 0.0.18, nothing provides python3-testresources >= 0.2.4, nothing provides python3-testscenarios >= 0.4, nothing provides python3-testtools >= 0.9.34, nothing provides subunit >= 0.0.18, nothing provides testrepository >= 0.0.18

How to include these dependencies,

I am trying to add each individual dependency as a package to the project. It will be a time taking process.

  1. Is there any way of adding existing repository like public ubuntu apt repository to buildservice so that dependencies can be rolled out.
  2. I think there is less help for debian support, like publicly created and exposed packages using .dsc files. But if there are existing packages which resolves my dependencies then how to add it to my project so that buildservice can use that dependency.

Thanks in Advance

Hey Sasikiran,

welcome to this forum and the OBS! :slight_smile:

If you add a repository to your project all the packages that are in it will be available as dependency. If your dependencies are not resolvable it means they are simply not included in the repository you build for. Or they are named differently. I guess in your case it’s the former, as I doubt that the Ubuntu Main repository contains openstack specific packages. If that is so, you have to find a repository that includes those packages and add it as additional path to your existing repository. Or you simply add the packages you miss to your project.

Hope that helps. Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

H****i Hennevogel,

Thanks for the reply.

  1. Can’t we add the existing Ubuntu repository link directly to OBS, rather than searching for the debains that are build in****[OBS.
  2. Is there any option like adding dependency debians directly rather than building a package for the dependencies.](

Ubuntu repositories are already available on

Screenshot from 2014-08-06 17:39:38.png

When you want to build your package for Ubuntu and you package also has dependencies to packages in debian you have a couple of options:

  1. You can try to stack repositories. I don’t know if this works for debian and Ubuntu. That depends on how compatible they really are. Click Repositories -> Edit Repository -> Add additional path to this repository
  2. You can link/aggregate all the dependencies into your project. See

Can I add this repository
deb icehouse-backports main to OBS project.

I think with edit repository we can add the repositories which are public in OBS. Am I right?

Can you please tell me what is stack repository?

You can’t add it to the reference server no.

Yes you are.

I meant stacking. As in in putting on top of each other.