How to add raid card to 12.1?

I now tried quite a few cards and all seem to only work max in 2.6 kernel. I contacted via email to most larger companies asking their product would work in 3.1 kernel. 2 bothered to answer and said no.

I just plugged in 3Ware 9500S-12 which should be totally hw raid card supporing 0,1,10,5,50 raid modes. But nogo…Funny thing is that my 9 year old Intel raid card works fully ok. I just plugged it in and works ok. I would use it, but it only supports hdd max 500gb as largest one at the time it was made was 350gb. Si it kinda was ahaid of its time. Never needed to install any drivers for it?? All was done in its own bios on boot up.

This makes me wonder if I plugged this 3Ware card into a 2.6 kernel system (older suse) and then build raid there could it work in 12.1? Or what the heck should I do? Been trying to solve this now for over a month and would love to get pc working so could start doin real work again and not just hassle every day for weeks to get pc running.

Or would anyone if there are 3.1 drivers for that 3Ware card? I been looking for a week now and havent found though…

My opinion is three fold. Of course, checking with the manufacturer is a good start. Testing any installed Raid with an openSUSE 12.1 Live CD is next and of course there is nothing wrong with sticking with openSUSE 11.4 until such time as the Raid product you want to use claims support for Kernel 3.1. Also, I have seen a few Linux distros that called kernel 3.0 kernel 2.6.40. And in any event, if you install openSUSE 11.4, you can still add in a kernel 3.1, or 3.2 for testing without removing your default 2.6.37, just check out my sakc bash script you can find here:

S.A.K.C. - SUSE Automated Kernel Compiler - Version 2.50 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

And SGTB which could allow using any kernel with any distro, though going down may not work as you had hoped.

S.G.T.B. - SuSE Git Kernel Tarball Creator - Version 1.78 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

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Thank you for the opinion.

I do have a working 11.4 with lamp and all other needed services.Just that the pc hw is outdated as server been running since 2003. New one is i7 2600k little overclocked (4000) ssd boot disk, 16 gb ram and 8x2tb hdd which was gonna make raid 5 to enable easier and safer data storage. I run a little architect/constructional planning office (Antsun Tupa Oy]( if wanna take a look, http,php,mysql run nicely) and have customers house plans etc in there and thats why kinda want raid protection. Also there is so much difference in 3.1 kernel compared to 2.6 so thats why wanted to put it up so can use the box for next 8 years again only updating it.

I do know I took a little early start on new kernel as peripherial makers havent updated their drivers. But have got everything else working via some ‘detour’ so far. System is running and steady. Just need to locate the correct way to add this last piece to this puzzle. I been using Suse since mid 90’s and dont wanna change the os. And 3ware card is totally hw based so wondering why it even needs some drivers? shouldnt it be able to handle everything on its own? I’m not that much a computer guru, but that goes over my head. Just like that Intel raid card doesent need any drivers and currently on that 11.4 system but worked ok in 12.1 suse. Its outdated though so nonusable atm on new pc.

If anyone else has any solutions please let me know.


Dang! S*it happens - Forrest Gump. I got it partly working. Got 4xhdd raid-5. Maybe this can be solved :slight_smile:

Device: /dev/sdc
Size: 5.46 TB
Device Path: pci-0000:03:02.0-scsi-0:0:0:0
Device ID 1: scsi-1AMCC_A44675160C802A002049

Hard Disk:
Vendor: AMCC
Model: 9500S-12 DISK
Number of Cylinders: 729454
Cylinder Size: 7.84 MB
Sector Size: 512 B
Disk Label: GPTE

That is good news. I have had good luck with using RAID and kernel 3.1, but there are so many solutions, I don’t know how to be an expert on them all. Further, I suggest using a SSD for booting and keeping your boot partition off of any RAID setup, just in case.

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Looks like 2 hdd were bad and thats why card only found 4. They were brand new too. Looks like after format to ext4 they quit co’operating with me :confused:

Started to pack em and send back to store and was gonna get 4 more as still have space in box. BUT prices gone up 300% in past 8 weeks lol. Upgrading can wait. I payed 75€ a piece for 2tb wd 8 weeks ago and now they are 210€?? Lil flooding in asia eh?

And yes, my intention was to put suse+citrix+vmware on ssd and all data in sata raid5. Boots up nicely under 10 secs. Amazed with these new pc parts as my lappy boots up xp about 10 mins. Enuf time to make and drink coffee and grab a smoke g

Anyway, now can start work as system finally works. Prolly need still compile psybnc so can then get back to irc too…that actually only thing missing now. Irc server I have running among other services on this box.