How to add opensuse Tubleweed to router (DHCP\firewall) openVPN?

Its it a way to add config for dhcp\firewall for opensuse tumbleweed to do the same as router? Because Pfsense\ipfire did not works very good with my hardware.
So if i not should use virtual software for it?

If I understand your question properly,
Yes, you can install, configure and set up openSUSE to replace any functions in your Residential Gateway device, or even a firewall like pfsense/iipfire (which sets up a firewall appliance).

There are many possible ways to set up depending on your objectives and how complex you want your security to be… From turning off security completely in your Residential Gateway and setting up all your security (and DHCP) in your openSUSE to enabling security on both your Residential Gateway and your openSUSE, creating multiple layers of security.

Some basics…
You’ll likely want to install openSUSE on a multi-homed machine (at least 2 network interfaces) to implement firewall rules.
openSUSE has a unique tool called YaST which is a graphical tool that can help you install and configure various services like your firewall rules and DHCP.

I don’t personally know of any guide that would tell you exactly what to do although there are likely older blogs and articles through the years which have described setting up what you are asking about.
I’d recommend you do a bit of reading, then post here about any questions you might have so that you understand what your creating and how to do it.
LEAP documentation is also quite extensive and may answer some “how to” questions like what you would do to set up DHCP



Did someone make good youtube video for it?