How to add more GB to my /home/

I’ve been trying some things now but I just can’t find how to manage to add more GB to my /home/ partition.

When I want to create a new partition I have around 128GB still free, does anyone know how to add these 128GB to my /home/ partition?

I’m working under the latest opensuse (11.1)

Depending on how the partitions are in relation to each other physically (ie if they are nest to each other on the disk) you may be able to to it with a live cd with gparted.
If you are unsure post the output of fdisk -l you run this in a console typing su first


You can also create the new partition as seperate ext3, and then mount it under /home. Altnernatively you can use bind mounts to splice in some directories in /home, onto the other partition.

For example in /etc/fstab I splice in “/work/cache/wwwoffle” mounting it under /var/spool as /var/spool/wwwoffle.

/work/cache/wwwoffle /var/spool/wwwoffle auto bind 0 0