How to add icon to Applications window

Hi everybody,
I have installed Azureus Vuze in my OpenSuSe 11.1.
The vuze installer is just a folder with the files needed to run it.

It executes ok but I just can run it from the command line and I havent find the icon to launch it. I have searched in the applications windows but it is not there. I guess I have to add it my self but dont know how to.

Any suggestion

If you install the one click Vuze package it should populate that menu shortcut for you.

Right click edit menu/menu editor

navigate to where you want Vuze to be:
Then from the top add new item

In the follow

Name: Vuze

you can add the working path if you like, but it’s not usually needed.

Click the icon square near the Name: and Description:
And you can find the Vuze icon in there - Click the ‘other icons’ radio button and its lower down the list


Then save from the top menu section of the editor

What was the file type you used to install?