how to add files to amarok "now playing" from dolphin?

In Windows, I could right-click on any mp3 file in file explorer, and it would give me the option “Add to media player now playing list”.
This way, i could, say, select 10 songs (using the ‘ctrl’ key and clicking on each file in Windows Explorer), then right click, then click on “Add to media player now playing list”, Windows Media Player would open up and start playing those 10 songs- once finished playing the 10 songs, it would stop.

In Opensuse 42.3, I don’t know how to do this. Right-clicking on a selection of mp3 files won’t give me any option like “Add to Amarok now-playing list”.

Using a standard file explorer is way easier than trying to add the entire collection to Amarok and then trying to add songs to a now-playing list from this collection. This is the “Apple iTunes” approach of managing mp3s, and I don’t like iTunes at all… I’d rather use the standard file manager to do this- Dolphin (and Windows Explorer) is much easier to use than the iTunes way of doing things…

Any idea how do I enable such an option in dolphin right-click menu?

You can right-click and select ‘open’ or ‘open with…’ further down the list. Try ‘open with’ first and if Amarok heads the list you’ll be able to choose just ‘open’ next time.

Copy or symlink /usr/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/amarok_append.desktop to /usr/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus/ (or ~/.local/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus/).

You can of course also create similar files yourself for arbitrary/custom right-click actions.

That’s a good idea but - right-click >open - does exactly the same without creating any further links.

This is “one for the books”. This step instantly added the “Append to playlist” option to my right-click menu, and the system didn’t even ask for a re-start.
Issue resolved.
Thank you Wolfi. :slight_smile:

@Peteh100, thanks for your reply, my file associations were already set-up, the problem was I couldn’t add files to the “now-playing” list so that Amarok would play the newly added file automatically AFTER it finishes playing the current file. Wolfi’s method adds this option to the right-click menu :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

The “problem” is that Amarok is still KDE4 based and therefore installs the service menu file to the KDE4 location.
But KDE Frameworks5 use a new location and don’t look at the old one.

Could be fixed in the openSUSE package by copying/symlinking it to the KF5 location as well, I’ll do that in the next days for the package in KDE:Extra.
Feel free to file a bug report at (same username/password as here) if you want an update for 42.3. :wink:

Of course, this will work out-of-the-box anyway when the KF5 port of Amarok is released, but that likely will still take a while…

I see that now. I hadn’t actually tried it but I knew it appended it to an existing playlist. However, as you say, it stops playing the existing tune and immediately starts the newly added.

I stand corrected and should have known that Wolfi knew better. (Sorry Wolfi!).

I use the ctrl key as well in Dolphin, and simply drag and drop the selection(s) right into my media player (I use VLC and Clementine). Never ever had a problem.