How to add applications in gnome menu / application list?!


I can’t find any way to add applications to the gnome menu. If add the traditional gnome menu on the panel, you can right click it and select edit menu. Here you can deselect apps in order to remove them. But the functionality to add apps seems to be removed. Is there still a way to add apps?

Right click on Applications > Edit menus > there you can add new items.

Nope, I don’t see any functionality to add or modify the menu in the menu editor. What I see is:

left: a SUSE-menu tree with categories (internet, multimedia…)
right: for each categorie the apps with only a checkbox to select or deselect them. No buttons or right clicking allows to add a app.

In 10.3 there was no problem, in 11.0 it seems to be missing. Or do I need to install extra packages?

instal alacarte, this should allow you to make them again