How to add an app shortcut to KDE panel?

I rebuild my desktop after deleting my plasma config files but for the life of me cannot figure out how to place application shorts onto the panel.

The solutions I found by googling don’t seem to apply to KDE4.4.0 or oS’s implementation of it.

I’ve tried right clicking on the panel which according to KDE’s docs should bring up a context menu which has the option to add application to the panel. This does not exist on my installation.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

I usually pull them into the panel from desktop or kmenu.

I just drag them and drop them on it too. Just installed 4.4 last night and can verify that this still works.

This assumes that the shortcuts already exist on the desktop or in the folder widget - correct? The apps I wanted to make short cuts don’t already have short cuts. So I’ll have to create a shortcut on the desktop first then drag it. A bit long winded.

You should still be able to create a shortcut. Heck you can even create a shortcut to a movie if you wanted to. Just browse to the folder where the application is and drag the application to the panel. Just make sure it’s in empty space and not somewhere like on the task manager. Easy as that. If need be, just right click on it and hit edit icon and set the icon or do whatever else you need to once it’s set.

Verified using KDE 4.4.0 release 222

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Also make sure the miniprogramms are unlocked (since a shortcut is nothing else but a plasmoid / miniprogram to be addad). Dragging & dropping from the app-menu works fine here too.

I had a problem with this as well. The main problem was that if I made a ‘Link to Application’ on the desktop, it worked. If I then copied that link to a panel they both worked. But if I then deleted the original link, the panel copy wouldn’t work. The only solution I found (with help) was to use menu editor and add the application to the KDE menu which would then allow me to drag it onto the panel.

That’s what I found and is how I did it in the end too.

I’ll try that next time. It would be more intuitive if you right clicked on the panel and an option to add an application to the panel was offered in the context menu. You would then browse to the app and add it. And actually it seems from old KDE documentation (point 5.1) is how it once worked.

I wonder why they dropped that?

“Logic” is subjective after all. Simply pulling an icon to where it shall stay seems logic from my point of view…

Right click on any application in the KDE Application Launcher. The pop-up menu will include, “Add to Favorites”, “Add to Desktop”, “Add to Panel”.

Plasma/FAQ/HoTo contains a lot of short (i.e., 15 sec) animated videos for specific actions.

This doesn’t work if there’s not already a shortcut in the application launcher. In that case you would have to first create the shortcut using the menu editor and then you would be able to use the method you describe.

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Not sure if this on topic.

In 4.4, I couldn’t add apps to the top panel in search & launch until I discovered (by accident) that if you open the menu in the center of the desktop and find the app you want, hovering over the icon makes a gold star appear. Clicking on that gold star adds the app to the top panel.

The other methods add it to the bottom (or side) panel.

When I right click on an app in my app launcher (Kicker) I am only given the option to “Add to favorites”. Is this context menu customisable somewhere?

When I right click on an app in my app launcher (Kicker) I am only given the option to “Add to favorites”. Is this context menu customisable somewhere?

As mentioned before, you need to unlock your widgets before adding ahortcuts, because in the world of Plasma a shortcut is a widget.

Yes , but the icon is not shown, there is only a gear icon

Hmm, maybe its an icon glitch, you can change it by right clicking the icon and changing its settings.

Yes indeed, I was having a bit of a senior moment. After unlocking the widgets I am presented with the add to panel option. Thanks.

Never saw that qualification before, thanks !!! :wink:

every icon i change isn’t shown, only gear icon, in the setting panel the correct icon is shown, I can change it and it seemms ok, but when I close the settings panel the shortcut show the gear, in the desktop folder is ok, also in the side panel show gear icon.