How to add a suspend to disk parameter?

Hi to all,

on my Aspire V5 model (available only in India), suspend (to RAM or disk) never worked reliably. Instead, most of the time the screen after resuming was dark, with periodic very short flickering. In about 10% of tries, resume worked normally.

Recently, I investigated into this and randomly tried some of the quirks options. It seems that my systems needs s2ram -a 3 and pm-hibernate --quirk-s3-mode. However, before reporting this to the quirk database maintainers I would like to use these options regularly for a few weeks to learn about possible side-effects.

I was able to add the -a 3 option to the S2RAM_OPTS variable in a file /usr/lib/pm-utils/defaults. This seems to work as intended.

However, I could not find any place where to put the option for pm-hibernate. This means I always have to open a root shell for suspending, which is inconvenient. Moreover, noone is asking for a password when the system resumes (it seems KDE is bypassed somehow).

Does someone have a clue how to make the KDE power management tools aware of the necessary option --quirk-s3-mode? I have opensuse 12.3 (64bit).

I was overoptimistic. Just between the two posts, the sleep failed to resume if initialized from KDE (I had tried it two times before, which seemed significant to me but possibly was just a freak series). From the command line, s2ram -a 3 did not fail yet (about ten successes). So actually, I need places to put quirks options for both suspend to disk and suspend to RAM.