How to add 1-click install feature in openSUSE using ypm

I m currently using opensuse 11.0 and I have to install one software for which I have the required rpms…I am new to ypm so can any one help me in giving details of how to write a simple ypm file for installing a software and all the related files which may be required by ypm file like repodata.
If anybody has any document for this then it will be a great help.
Looking for reply…

Check out this wiki on one-click installs:

One Click Install/ISV - openSUSE

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The standards for one-clicks and a sample instance can also be found here:

Standards/One Click Install - openSUSE

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You saved the rpm-files in a folder. Open a terminal window and ‘cd’ to that folder
Then issue the command below:
su -c ‘rpm -iUvh *.rpm’
Enter rootpassword when prompted for.
If all deps are met, you should see the files being installed.

So, no need to make a ymp file for it. Since you apparently did not know the command above, I think making a ymp file would be a bit too far for you at this moment.

Good luck

I tend to make a repo folder somewhere and add it to the repo list:

  • Open Yast
  • (Enter Root Password)
  • Software
  • Software Repositories
  • Add
  • Local Directory
  • Next
  • (Enter a name)
  • Browse for the folder
  • Tick the ‘Plain RPM Directory’ box
  • Next

This way when I find OpenSUSE rpm’s somewhere like Skype or AVG I put them in the folder and install them via Yast. This way I get all the dependencies sorted as well. And I can remove them the same way.

Just my way of doing it :slight_smile:

I read the links on one click install on open suse site…but I couldnot get much out of it.
Can anyone help me to create step by step ypm file for a sample software installation and its dependencies file.
It will be a great help for me…