How to activate 3D acceleration to look as nice as kubuntu


my system is opensuse 11.1

as you can see the os is able to detect my graphic card which is Nvidia 9500 GT

but the problem is I am unable to make it 3D acceleration available

I was from kubuntu and it is able to detect and made my desktop look nice on KDE

do I have to install the drivers/software from Nvidia?

if so,i’ve tried the one-click install and also the .run file downloaded from website

both failed

I ran out of ideas

please look at the pic

On 08/27/2009 hanzahar wrote:
> do I have to install the drivers/software from Nvidia?

Yes. The image you posted indicates it worked. What’s the problem, exactly?


well as you can see,I am unable to activate the 3D acceleration which in turn I am unable to use compiz and have bad graphic

I used kubuntu so I know how KDE will work when my nvidia card is installed properly

hmmmmm… although grayed out, 3D activation seems to be checked, therefore enabled.

What monitor are you using? Perhaps you would get better results if you clicked on the “change” button next to monitor and could find your monitor. That has helped me in the past.

ok I found the solution,

I am unable to set it under yast2 but I have to go application -> configure desktop to change the settings


and thanks !*