How to access windows domain?

How can i access a windows domain or log into it like you can from XP. We have a windows 2003- server for the controller and 7 xp workstations and my opensuse 11 system i would like to intergrate into the domain. i set linux pc up and can drill down to windows network and see all the workstations and the server.if i double click on the server or ststions, a window opens and the window is blank.
the server is set to share certain files and it has certain rights for each user. please, a little help to get access to the file on the server. i do have access to adjust server settings and firewalls. thanks.

I don’t know how it works for your LAN server environment, but for a simple home environment, with KDE, I just type in the konqueror location bar:

ie for example typing in konquerors location bar:smb://
and I have access to my wife’s winXP pc.

Thanks for your reply.