How to access Tumbleweed?


for installing a specific package (in this case, “make”) from Tumbleweed, it seems the safest and easiest way should be to use yast, and add Tumbleweed to the list of repositories. But it is not listed unter “Community repositories”, and nothing else seems to apply? How can I add Tumbleweed to the list of repositories?

The information under
seems to be related only for using Tumbleweed as a full distribution, doesn’t speak about installing specific packages.

The package I want to install is
Unfortunately there is no more information (like Git-id) given there. Anyway, it would be worth a try. However, the machine where the (hopefully patched) make should be re-installed is a remote server, where only lnyx is available, and apparently direct installation is then not possible.

In the past I made the experience, that zypper is rather error-prone – or at least the results differ from what you get when using yast, and thus I would like not to use it.

Thanks for your help


This is the worst way which will result in broken system. Tumbleweed is different distribution, you do not mix packages from different distribution.

As make is part of Leap, it is not even clear what you are trying to do and why.

Afaik the packages in Tumbleweed and Leap 15.1 are the same…

Tumbleweed has 4.2.1-7.9, Leap 15.1 has 4.2.1-lp151.7.39. What is the difference between 7.9 and lp151.7.39?

That is only the build number. IIRC Tumbleweed switched to a new compiler, thus a rebuild was needed. Byt the versions are basicaly the same.

BTW, I would not expect make to be under heavy development, thus I (also) can not quit eunderstand why the OP wants the TW version.

@kullmann, I hope you understand from the above posts that people are doing a lot of guessing about your goal. Remember: Describe the goal, not the step

Not really a new compiler. Sources are now built with the LTO flag enabled ( Link Time Optimization ). This should lead to smaller and faster binaries. FWIW. Tumbleweed is the 1st linux distro version rebuilt entirely with this option.

@OP: Please take @arvidjaar’s advice serious. There’s already a couple of threads where people did what you suggest. The best result you’ll get is ending up with Tumbleweed instead of Leap, the worst - f.e. with other repos involved - a borked system.