How to access /home of other btrfs Partition?


I have a simple installation on the same disk.

/dev/sda1 -> Swap
/dev/sda2 -> Leap 42.2 btrfs including /home
/dev/sda3 -> Leap 42.3 btrfs including /home

fstab of 42.2

UUID=8d04ea06-fa8b-4cc3-b4c7-241637844d49 swap swap defaults 0 0
UUID=9b383227-2e15-49d0-97a9-685f56be9130 / btrfs defaults,noatime,ssd 0 0
UUID=9b383227-2e15-49d0-97a9-685f56be9130 /boot/grub2/i386-pc btrfs subvol=@/boot/grub2/i386-pc 0 0
UUID=9b383227-2e15-49d0-97a9-685f56be9130 /boot/grub2/x86_64-efi btrfs subvol=@/boot/grub2/x86_64-efi 0 0
UUID=9b383227-2e15-49d0-97a9-685f56be9130 /home btrfs subvol=@/home 0 0
UUID=9b383227-2e15-49d0-97a9-685f56be9130 /opt btrfs subvol=@/opt 0 0
UUID=9b383227-2e15-49d0-97a9-685f56be9130 /srv btrfs subvol=@/srv 0 0
UUID=9b383227-2e15-49d0-97a9-685f56be9130 /tmp btrfs subvol=@/tmp 0 0

I would like to mount /dev/sda2 from 42.3 to copy some files.
I can mount it, but /home is empty.
I guess it has to do with subvolumes (I am a noob).
What can I do?

Can I add this to fstab of 42.3?

UUID=9b383227-2e15-49d0-97a9-685f56be9130 /mnt/sda2/home btrfs subvol=@/home 0 0

Thank you for any advice.

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Better show what you try to explain. Thus when you g=have mounted it, show it so we can see that that is true and how it is mounted (with thye mount statement.
And when you say the /home is empty then show it with something like

ls -l /mnt/sda2/home

And it is better to include the command line when you post output. Not the output alone, but one line more at the begin and the end. Then we have the prompt, the command, the output and the next prompt. E.g. when you show your fstab, include the prompts and the cat /etc/fstab.

I also doubt that it is a goof idea to have /home inside the / Btrfs file system. When it takes snapshots for everything you change in /home …

I’m sorry for posting in the wrong forum. Don’t know why I did that.

OK, the most simple example is this:

Dolphin shows me the “other” partition. I have not configured anything for this.
If I click on it, it asks me for root password to mount it.

After that, it shows me the partition, but only some folders have a content. As you can see, home and other folders are empty.
It’s the same whein I use “ls” or the Dolphi in Super User Mode.

Thank you!


What can I do?

You already answered this yourself - your home content is under /@/home when you mount root of btrfs.

Can I add this to fstab of 42.3?

UUID=9b383227-2e15-49d0-97a9-685f56be9130 /mnt/sda2/home btrfs subvol=@/home 0 0


Yes it works.

Just wanted to ask, before ending up with a unbootable System

Thank you!