How to access external NTFS drive from openSUSE Leap 15.3

I have a 2TB Seagate Central NAS that I have been using on a home network, with various Windows PCs. I have now set up Leap 15.3 on a PC and want to be able to access the files on the Seagate.

When I go to add a network location, the KDE Network Wizard is prompting me for:

Name: I have made up a Name
Server: I found and entered the Seagate’s IP address
Folder: not sure what to do here. I entered the path that the Windows pc was using - basically just “\Seagate-XXXXX” - but that didn’t seem to work.

Am I on the right track here?!


I know the lingo here is difficult, confusing, and mis-used by many.

But as far as I understand your text, this is about a network connected NTFS file system (often done using SAMBA) and not about an “external NTFS drive”. which term is most often used for a USB connected mass-storage device with an NTFS file system.

This just to avoid confusion.

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Could you give us the model of the NAS? It should support more than one protocol


It’s an external mass-storage device (Seagate Central model SRN01C) with an NTFS file system, connected over a household LAN.

But yes, if there is lingo to be misused, I am likely to misuse it! Sorry for any confusion.

It’s a Seagate Central, model SRN01C.


Open a terminal and do

smbclient -L <IP address of NAS>

You should be prompted for a password, and then a list of SMB shares should be shown. Post the output, including any errors you may get.

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BTW, it might be worth checking to see if your Seagate NAS supports using SMBv2 or above. Seagate offers firmware upgrades for some models, and you could check what is available via their web page…

Seagate Central

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<that’s all>

That likely suggests the NAS only supports the deprecated SMBv1 protocol. As a workaround you could force SMBv1 (NT1 protocol) by editing /etc/smb.conf to allow it. This involves adding

client min protocol = NT1

to the [global] section of smb.conf. After that try invoking the smbclient command again.

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Thanks. Will that affect the media that’s saved on the NAS?

No, it only affects the samba client’s ability to use the legacy protocol if required to communicate with the NAS. Nothing to do with the actual file system.

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Thanks a lot. I’ll give it a go and report back. Much appreciated.

Just reporting back. I hadn’t mentioned that I’m still in the “distro shopping” phase of my Linux career. Someone on Telegram suggested that Mint might be better for my needs - including access to the household NAS - and it turns out they were correct. I installed Mint and it found the NAS without a problem.

Thanks for your help with Leap. I may come back to it if I discover other attributes that I need, but for the moment I intend to persist with Mint.


Fair enough. Use what works for you. We never went far enough to determine what else may be impacting here.