how should i install glibc-2.1 32bit on opensuse11.2 64bit


today I’ve got an application which is need glibc-2.1 32bit
but my opensuse 11.2 is 64bit.
I’ve checked the yast but nothing interesting catch my eyes.
is there any solution to install glibc 2.1 32bit on a 64bit box?


Install the glibc-32bit package. Do not attempt to install glibc from a 32-bit repo as it may clash with the 64-bit glibc on a 64-bit platform.

Yes it’s easy. Go to YaST Software Management, search for glibc and install the glibc-32bit package :wink:

Normally, glibc is backwards compatible meaning that if you compile an application with glibc version 2.1 and then run it under, for example, glibc 2.3 (or higher), it should work without problems. However, if you compile it with version 2.3 and try to run it on a system which has version 2.1, it won’t work as glibc isn’t forwards compatible for obvious reasons :wink:

Running 11.3 milestone 5
Cannot get the latest glibc-2.8.90 installed as per “software search”
Keeps on reverting back to 2.11
Any advice - thank you in advance